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by Jane Lonsdale

Jane Lonsdale

Welcome to our new website and blog. We hope you like our new look and find the content here useful in your role as an HR practitioner.

Now more than ever, the public sector is going through a profound period of change, with budget cuts and only modest pay rises. And HR practitioners are being challenged to think every more imaginatively about how to reward people. We have worked across all areas of the public sector, and see clients facing the same challenges across the board. So we decided to write this blog as a way of sharing our experience and lessons learned from over 20 years at the coalface!

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Please join me and my fellow authors, Michael Bourke, David Conroy and Emma Reed, as we reveal monthly insights on industry related topics, and deep dive features on job evaluation, reward, organisational effectiveness and assessment.

We hope you will enjoy reading our blog and share what you find interesting on social media. We would also like to welcome guest post submissions from industry experts, so we can present you with the latest thinking in the world of HR.

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