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Market Pricing

"All the best people are in the private sector" or “We can’t afford to recruit at that salary level” are comments we hear all the time.

And sometimes they may be true.

It’s just a question of knowing the roles and the market when setting out recruitment strategies.

All our work on rewards is informed by accurate market pay data, making decisions about pay and rewards from a position of confidence. Knowing you can attract the best and keep them means you need a benchmark, and working with Beamans will certainly give you that.

Beamans collect market data and evaluate a huge range of roles in both public and private sectors on an ongoing basis.

And because our research is based on a consistent methodology (and not the latest trend or rumour) we can make like-for-like pay comparisons across functions and organisations with confidence.

We also provide clients with pay data on individual roles or carry out custom market studies to address specialised client needs.